E & Q Financial Solutions back end settlement debt Resolution group offers help with the settlement of unsecured debts via our Debt Resolution. For those who have at least $7,500 in outstanding debt, for those who are behind or can no longer afford payments-debt settlement would fit your criteria.

Debt Settlement is meant to dramatically lower your balances and create a low monthly program payment. The term “debt resolution” means negotiating with a creditor to reduce the amount of a delinquent debt down to a lower amount, that the debtor can then pay in order to fully satisfy (or pay off) the debt. The primary benefits of this strategy are to help you get out of debt sooner, pay your debts on terms structured to your specific budget and have a lower monthly program payments than your current minimum monthly payments.

The debt Resolution process is actually quite simple.

This is how it works:

Settle your debt:

Your current level of unsecured debt will be skillfully negotiated for you, and essentially you will end up paying a fraction of the debt. Generally, debt settlement like ours you can make one low monthly payments towards all of your debts. Usually less than half of your current minimum payments.

Monthly Payments:

We will set you up with an affordable monthly payment program, which is determined on a client-by-client basis. Based upon what you are able to pay each month into your FDIC insured account, we can determine how many months you will be in the program and ultimately get out of debt.


Reaching a settlement usually takes several phone calls and communication between our back end Paralegals and the creditors. When a settlement offer has been reached, and you as the client have agreed on this amount, you will pay the agreed upon amount from your settlement account. This is always done with your authorization, whether verbal or written.


Once you enroll in our Plan the debt arbitrator offices takes over communications with your creditors. We cannot promise they will stop calling you but you can take down their name and phone number and give it to your negotiator so that they can communicate on your behalf. The negotiator will contact your creditors, protect your consumer rights, and work to regain peace in your life.

Our main goal is to get you out of debt as quickly as possible. We work only for our clients; not for the benefit of the creditors. Here at EQFS we know that our success is based in our customer satisfaction so we will settle at a low rate, and get your credit back.

E & Q Financial Solutions can help you find the right solution with a free consultation. You can fill out a short application or simply contact us – (866) 892-3737.

Your Consumer Rights

All consumers should be aware that they have specific rights under THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTIONS ACT. Debt collectors must follow the rules. Violations of t his act by collectors can result in the consumer receiving damage awards.